ICT4D @ Tulane

The overall point of Richard Heeks’ article is to question the context of the Millennium Development Goals as the priority application for ICTs. He believes this is a flawed strategy for several reasons:

  1. The MDGs are not logical. They virtually attempt to solve a good proportion of the injustices of the world by 2015, an endeavor that is surely honorable but not rational.
  2. The MDGs are prone to all the same criticisms we now condone the neo-liberalist agenda for. They are hegemonic, imposed by the global north, lack the ability for countries to establish their own agendas etc.
  3. The MDGS function through the notion of “do as I say” not “as I do.” They hope for development to be clean and honorable, environmentally friendly and socially egalitarian. Though the mindset behind this is great — it is not fully realistic.
  4. ICT through the MDGs has been concentrated on computers and…

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